Marcial Chao
Principal (510) 465-7010 x120
Marcial brings to the team his passion for affordable housing and his desire to create mixed-use developments that inherently provide more social opportunities for future residents. His work focuses on building collaborative working relationship with stakeholders, public agencies and team members that yield results and embody consensus-building, cohesiveness and a unified vision that is critical to the success of large, multi-faceted projects.

As a Principal, Marcial Chao has over 20 years of experience in residential, commercial, retail, and mixed-use architecture and urban planning. He specializes in project management and community outreach and by working closely with his team leads Pyatok's large, mixed-use projects to economical yet innovative design solutions. Prior to Pyatok, Marcial lived and worked in New York City, Boston, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Mexico City, and Taipei Taiwan. His approach to higher density and urban design is influenced by his experience and lessons learned working in these large urban metropolitan cities.

Marcial holds a Bachelor in Architecture from the University of Washington where he was awarded the Pio Prize in Architecture to study Architecture in Rome, Italy. He currently serves on the Policy Committee at EBHO (East Bay Housing Organization), GreenTrips Advisory Committee at Transform, and outside of advocating for more housing; Marcial can be found spending time with his family or planning his next global trek to help further his fluency in the following three languages: Spanish, Italian and Chinese.
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"Housing is a fundamental part of the human experience."
Pyatok - Marcial Chao